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Open my eyes seeing the sun shine upon my fur, I sweep my tail annoyed, I need to get up

"People will probably never know the real you, unless they take time to know you."~nya I hate telling about myself, maybe because I rather get to know people and they have to do some effort to know me than rather just tell them about me, okay whatever here we try. I found my way on the internet when I was like five or six years old - and when I think about it I feel getting old. I always loved animations and so we found out about the Japanese kind of 'cartoons' Anime and their related comic version Manga. I grew up being sick at home most of the time, visiting hospital after another I never really 'feeled' being a child or teenager in any way possible. Maybe that's why I still pretend being a seven-year-old-baby? ;LOL;
Many of my friends I learned are from the World Wide Web and so I will never be able to get rid of my internet habbit. I love Webdesigning and spent most of my time online until I realized a year ago, spending my time 'alone' in France I want more in life than just 'internet'. So what's the present? Currently I'm in my first year of college for Animals, this was and is still my dream. I'm also working part-time unfortanly I feel unwanted that it destroys my motivation to work. I miss my work in France I keep myself the dream that maybe one day I will return to that place ♥! Aside from that I always refer to myself as a cat and love animals, at the moment we have only seven cats and one dog (used to be alot more but my dad doesn't allow any more -yet I can be very manipulative as it used to be six hoho) to keep me company. I realized after the dead of one of my lovely cats, who I called my 'boyfriend' I have to get out of my shell and into the big scary world! I have a little complex in distrusting myself and putting myself below where I should be, because of my childhood but slowly I'm starting to believe in myself.
Wow, I talk alot for someone who hates talking about herself... well I shut up now! Byebye~nya


Always look back before you walk away, you never know if you forget something!

Some short facts from me
Real Name: Rei (Well this is rather my nickname, called by alot of people even my mom)
Online Names: Kuu, Kat, Rin/KittyRin, SilverKitty, Teiko
Other Nicknames: AYAKA, Rinrinko
D.O.B: 13th of January
Age: When I was making this page? 23 Feeling
Likes: Animals (Cats and Horses the most but love them all), Anime, Drawing, France, Horsebackriding, Japan, Manga, Singing, Swimming and Writing.
Dislikes: (Myself? Does it counts?) Animal Abusers, People who think they know you better then yourself, People who 'act' differently.
Nationality: ewh.. Netherlands, hate it totally sorry for the lovers

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