Can't deny our pretend

Everything behind us what made us into this

It was hard to choose a name that I really really liked, most of the names I came up with were all taken. Then I was listening to some music from Magic Knight Rayearth and the image song of Fuu came up, the song Awai Kaze by Kasahara Hiroko in a instance I decided this was a good choice but I searched further, but after some time I couldn't think of more good names. I thought that "Faint Breeze Network" sounded nice and fantasy-like so I decided to use this name. Not only I find it a nice name I also like the song itself!

Sorry but after putting up downloads and even links to Youtube that came inactive I decided to let people search for themself

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Resources taken from Sanami276, MiniTokyo and RainHarbour (offline).
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