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the part of me who thinks it's possible

Most of the time I neglected my poor websites so no large layout archive. Yet still I thought this should be here, and who knows maybe one day it will become big and full of layouts!.

At the moment I thought of a funny 'list' for the next up coming websites. the A to Z layouts, everytime I choose a subject/series/person the name starting with the letter respectively from the alfabet.

First layout being A from AIR!
      Sanami276 RainHarbour OFFLINE
I don't know where I saw this kind of layout but I liked the idea and it stayed in my mind for quite some time. It uses three images of the Anime taken from MiniTokyo. I used many resources and effects until I was satisfied with the outcome. Although the colors used don't give you the 'summery' feel Air should give you but I still like the combination.

Far into History

Open the door of the past with the key of present

These two layout were earlier designs for the website. I don't have any bigger screenshots for them sorry.

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