Our memories that only we could share, forgotten in our grief and pain

In the start I only used those free websites, a complete noob with html or any design program other than paint we found our way around the web. My first domain ever was Catlicious and when I think about it I still adore the name but unfortanily the domain expired before I knew and so the name became 'unavailable for another year. I couldn't wait so another one was adopted and yet together with a different one, Nyan-Nyan to replace Catlicious.
Eventually I started to learn more about desigining and HTML but work and personal life consumed alot of my spare time so I forgot about the online world for a long time. Neglecting all the domains I had at that point. So we arrived at the start of the year 2006.. My life would change drastically. Somewhere in August I started to come back on websites and the old one would expire soon so I choose it was time to start anew. I choose Awai Kaze for my sixth Domain name. A fresh new start with only some of the old fanlistings moving to the new domain. Together wit AK I hope my desiging skills, spelling and HTML knowledge will improve.

The domain was registered on October 1st in 2006 with the company Surpass Hosting. the Faint Breeze Network is mostly used for our own websites, but ofcourse you can also find websites maintained by other people in the near future.

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