counting my Children days

As colors fade to grey in our hearts and mind, do you still remember how it was?

Hello! You found your way to or also known as Faint Breeze Network. The humble home for Rin's small yet growing collection of websites, most of them related to anime and manga. Happy browsing and some paws from me!

You're currently seeing version A=AIR, entitled Those Endless Summers, featuring the series AIR. Mostly Misuzu because she is one of my favorite characters from the game, anime and manga. This is the first layout from the 'AtoZ' Layout collection I'm planning to make for the site.

Crossing the invisible Borders

Unable to see yet able to feel the warmth on my skin

[FEBRUARY 15th, 2011] I'm planning to update every website I own at the moment before starting to revamp other projects (ex. my livejournal). Please have some patients!

[FEBRUARY 10th, 2011] I'm ashamed of myself that it has been almost four years that I neglected my dear baby. The poor thing almost fell in to depression... No seriously the last update was dating from June 2007. I hope to give more time to the website from now on forward!


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